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Cobourg Escape Room

The adventure starts when your group enters one of three adventure rooms. There are challenges and clues all throughout the room. Solving each problem will enable you to move to the next challenge, and the group can progress through the room. While some of the puzzles will be easy to solve, others may require more thought and logic. To solve all the problems, you cannot forget about your surroundings. Every detail could be significant. Let the adventure begin!

What is an Escape Room?

An Escape Room is a series of puzzles and clues that lead to a final solution. Dismantling a bomb, escaping the room, or a number of other challenges.
In the Cobourg Escape Room, there are three different escape rooms. All have various puzzles and clues and a different theme.
Cobourg Escape Room also offers a portable escape room. This escape room can be used for educational purposes as well as office parties, and team building activities.


We are proud of everything we do at Cobourg Escape Room to ensure your enjoyment, success and most importantly, safety. None of our escape rooms have story lines that force players to try to find a key to escape the physical room. Players are never locked inside of the rooms they are in and are able to leave whenever they need to. Cobourg Escape Room is fully insured and all employees have the training needed in case of emergency. For more information please contact us! 


Affordable Rates

Charging $20 per adult and $15 per child allows affordable fun for everyone


Rated 4.8/5 stars on Facebook

7 days/week

The escape room is open 7 days every week for bookings

Previous Customer Reviews

3 recent Facebook Reviews

My son, my mom and I went and had a great time. The room we chose was quite a bit more difficult than we thought it would be! but that’s what makes it fun. :) Great pricing, too! We’ll be back!

Went and experienced an escape room today for the first time ever with a great group of colleagues and WOW was it fun!!! So well done and put together. I will definitely be back to escape the other rooms! Thanks for the awesome experience!

Always a blast at the Cobourg Escape Room. Everyone must try the new room Camp C. Only complaint I would have is I wish there were more ! Great job Chloe and gang!!!


About Us

Cobourg Escape Room opened on June 29, 2017, through the summer company program. The Escape Rooms are owned and operated by a local student, Chloe Leguard. Located in the Northumberland Mall in Cobourg, Ontario, there are three rooms available.  
Cobourg Escape Rooms is a fun, team-oriented activity that can be enjoyed by families, friends, or professional groups. The Escape Room features a number of skill-testing puzzles intended to challenge and entertain all visitors. Escape Rooms are a great team building activity, and can be used to bring together a corporate team, sports club, or any other group.

For more information on Cobourg Escape Room and other attractions in Cobourg, visit Northumberland Tourism


1111 Elgin Street West                     
Cobourg, Ontario


Phone: 289-918-0120                    


Sunday - Thursday: open for appointment only, book ahead.
Friday & Saturday: Walk in hours 6:00- 10:00. Other times available by appointment.