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Escape Rooms


The Heist
You have been chosen by Queen Sath of Lebbuh to steal her scepter back from the Royal Dolan Museum. Along with your group, you are about to steal the museum's prized possession, hopefully before the guards come back.
Beginner Level Room
Room for 2-8 players. The room is a 60 minute challenge.

Camp C
So you think your spy training has gone well. Think again, here is your toughest challenge yet. This spy training ground has been set up by the Cobourg Spy & Intelligence School. Complete the puzzles and clues to solve the room and get your final spy certification. With all the illegal activity going on around the world, we are in dire need of new spies. All you need is a bit of knowledge and a lot of teamwork for your group to leave as trained spies.
Medium Level Room
Room for 2-8 players, 60 minute challenge.


Frankenstein's Awakening
Have you ever wondered what it’s like inside a mad scientist’s brain? Once inside the lab, you will find out. You and your group have been sent to complete Frankenstein's experiment, but you will need to think like a mad scientist in order to complete the task. Frankenstein is so close to coming to life, but he needs your help. Work with your group to Awaken Frankenstein.
Expert level room
for 4-8 players. The room is a 60 minute challenge.

Portable Escape Rooms

Available for Birthday Parties, Corporate Events, Community Events, School Activities, Classroom Learning and much much more.
To Rent a Portable Escape room for your event, call 289-918-0120


Time Warp Portable Escape Room

Professor Labse was obsessed with time. How could he stop time? How could he live forever? All through his life he studied the mysteries of time. He was just starting to get close to finding the secret to living forever when he passed away suddenly. His former colleagues have sent you to discover his secrets.

GameMaker's Revenge
The GameMaker is back again! Try the GameMaker's Revenge Portable Escape Room to test your hand in beating the GameMaker. Beware, the GameMaker has a few tricks up his sleeve.


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